Indoor Landscaping

  • 21st December 2007

One day we recieved a phonecall from a leading high street  brand called GANT. At first we thought they might have got the wrong number but as it turned out they were looking for a company that would be able to design and construct an indoor pavement or “sidewalk.” It was quite a task as the project was not something we had ever considered. Mainly due to the 3rd floor office location and requirement for a night time installation. But hey we like a challenge so in we went!

Once completed we were praised for our clean efficient and “no hassle” way of working as we were able to keep dust and dirt to an absolute minimum. The finished sidewalk looked great especially once a full scale urban backdrop was placed behind on the wall and several very fashionably dressed mankins had been placed in situ. Overal a very convincing final product, although we did have to pop back several months later to rip it up and cart it back down the stairs.