Snapdragon has developed the ability, through necessity, to manage very large scale domestic and commercial projects that can run over extended periods and cost upwards of £100k.

This means that Snapdragon Landscapes is now comfortable in offering complete 'turn key' project management services to any large scale project, with the service including site preparations, liaising with any regulatory bodies as requested, managing multiple contractors (both internal and external), organising the programming and storage of materials to site, and completing project finance and insurance packages.

Project management skills are primarily used on our own projects, being completed in-house. However, we can offer a standalone service to manage any larger project you may have that entails the use of specified contractors/designers of your choosing.

Project management work completed by Snapdragon

The following projects benefitted from the management expertise that was delivered by Snapdragon Landscapes. You are welcome to contact us for questions about any aspect of them, and to find out how we can help you.