The design process is in many ways the most important part of any project, as it allows for the development and realisation of ideas before spade even needs touch soil.

Once the plot for development has been accurately drawn, the designer then has the freedom to set things out, see how areas look in proportion to one and other, try different patterns and textures of materials and generally play about. A complete set of plans also offers you some security against unsatisfactory workmanship as they give the contractor an accurate and scaled plan to work off which has been approved by yourself.

Snapdragon design offers a selection of design packages dependent upon your requirements and the nature of the site. All of which are completed either in house or one of our dedicated garden design partners.

Layout sketches

These are the simplest type of plan, providing an accurate scaled drawing of the overall layout of a project. These plans are very basic in nature but sometimes that may be all that is required to express the designer’s ideas to the client.

Construction plans

This type of plan offers a complete, accurate and scaled image of the hard landscaping requirements within a project. These may be used as plans for a stand-alone project within a garden such as bespoke garden structures, outdoor furniture, garden sculpture. They include all technical specifications of materials to be used and where necessary, the manner in which they are to be used. Construction plans will include details such as lighting fixtures, power points, water pumps, irrigation hoses and indicate the locations of any hidden cables or conduits. The technical nature of these plans means that a competent contractor should be able to complete all the hard landscaping off these plans independently.

Planting plans

These are accurate planting schedules that are developed dependent upon the nature of the plot, the overall style of the project and issues such as maintenance requirements. The completed plans can show the planting locations of each plant, sizes at time of planting, mature sizes and the maintenance requirement of each species.

Full colour drawings

When completed to a high standard these drawings are almost a work of art themselves. They offer a scaled and accurate layout of the project with all areas patterned, textured and coloured as required. Planting borders would be detailed with specification of plant sizes and shapes and any structures, lighting or water courses would be shown to enable a complete image of the finished project. Colour drawings would usually be supplied as part of a package including construction and planting plans.

Recent Garden Design Projects

The following sample garden design projects have been completed by Snapdragon Landscapes, and demonstrate the range of styles and overall high quality of finish that we apply to our work. You are welcome to contact us for questions about any aspect of them.