Snapdragon has an established track record of satisfying clients landscaping requirements from compact urban settings to large scale country gardens.

Using a combination of tried and tested traditional methods and up to the minute technical expertise, we are able to produce virtually anything that can be designed for today’s landscapes.

Snapdragon Landscapes is capable of producing practically any effect possible using any or a combination of the core ingredients; earth, stone, water, wood, metal, planting and light. If it can be designed we can find a way to construct it.

Snapdragon specialises in complete project management meaning that once the design is agreed upon you will not have to worry about a thing. We will undertake any initial surveys that are required prior to commencing works, complete all hard and soft landscaping as necessary, install any power, lighting or water systems that may be required and supply and plant all planting. Only once you are completely satisfied with all works undertaken, and only then, will we leave you with both a beautiful garden and a full guarantee.

Recent Landscaping Projects

The following sample landscaping projects have been completed by Snapdragon Landscapes, and serve to demonstrate the typical scope that we apply ourselves to. You are welcome to contact us for questions about any aspect of them.