Through many years of experience Snapdragon has developed a particular interest in producing high quality, and often exclusive outdoor constructions.

Such structures benefit from being designed and constructed as stand alone projects, whether as one-offs to enhance an existing space, or as part of a greater project.

Projects such as sculptural water features, adventure play equipment, tree houses, bespoke timber frame buildings, reclaimed material centre pieces and stone structures are all examples of our previous works.

Snapdragon Landscapes is well suited to completing such projects by way of our small dedicated team of craftsmen and our one project at a time philosophy meaning that any given project receives our absolute concentration. Contemporary constructions such as these rely upon the marrying of time worn traditional skills with the latest in design concepts and the use of cutting edge materials, all of which have the ability to create iconic gardens.

Projects featuring Outdoor Constructions

The following sample outdoor constructions have been completed by Snapdragon Landscapes, often in service of a larger garden design project. You are welcome to contact us for questions about any aspect of them.