Practical perfection!

Project completed in Leicestershire, May 2015

Completely revamp surfaces to provide fully accessible garden. Dress and plant sympathetically with reduced maintenance needs.

Project Details

Key Features:

  • Re-working of levels throughout to remove requirement for steps
  • Construction of accessible raised planting beds with low level beds dressed with membrane and decorative gravel
  • Bespoke tin metal bath water feature
  • Cumaru linear decking under rear canopy
  • Re-grading and laying of new lawns
  • Integrated lighting scheme
  • Bespoke prime grade oak glazed porch


  • Bradstone Panache paving, mixed colours
  • Reclaimed red brick masonry
  • New porch with green English oak pegged structure over reclaimed brick walls, toughened glazing and reclaimed tiled roof
  • Cumaru smooth finish wide board deck with oiled finish
  • Wirelessly controlled lighting system throughout